Month: October 2017


Glorious, pumpkin-infested Fall. Vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows everywhere I look. Brisk mornings, darker evenings, and daytime weather to make me swoon. School is back in full swing and TV is new again. It’s my favorite season, and somehow the season that seems to disappear faster than any other.

The excitement of the first brisk mornings, the first snow, and the piles of leaves that suddenly appear below the trees prefaces the inevitable Christmas shopping panic that ensues. Every year I say I want to do it earlier, but every year I want to just enjoy the perfection that is Fall. I want to sip my cinnamon tea, savor Oktoberfest beers, experiment with winter squash and soup recipes, dust off my sweaters, and be outside sweat- and frost-free for as long as I can.

Then it happens. Thanksgiving sneaks up. Christmas is around the corner. I stress about shopping, hosting, and gifting. Suddenly Fall is a thing of the past and we’re knee deep in winter. The days are blustery, the roads are icy, and it’s dark at 4:30. The school year is already half over and I have to start thinking about what my kids will do in the summer.

Then we blow through spring, summer is on the horizon, and the cycle repeats itself. Every year. And every year I’m unprepared. But when summer rolls back around, I get to think about Fall again.

Fall, how I love thee…let me savor you while you last!