Month: July 2017

Ever heard of Google?

I was at the vet yesterday with one of my dogs, when a woman asked if she was an Affenpincer. “A what?” I replied. “She’s some kind of terrier mix. I’m not familiar with an Affenpincer.”

The woman responded that they’re a small, cute breed and very sweet. She thought Izzie looked like one in the face. She left me with, “Next time you’re at the library, look up pictures of an affenpincer.”

Next time I’m at the library? It’s been a while since I’ve heard anyone say that. Just google it. That’s the answer to everything. You have a rash on your stomach? Google it. You want to know what kind of plant is growing in your side yard? Google it. You wonder who that actor is you thought you saw in an early episode of Seinfeld? Google it.

I bought a birthday card for someone once that had a picture of “Life before Google.” One person (or animal?) says to the other one, “I just thought of something I’d like to know more about.” The other one says “That’s a damn shame.” My husband and I thought it was so funny, we still say that all the time.
“I wonder how long that building has been there.”
“That’s a damn shame.”

You don’t have to wonder anymore. The days of calling the radio station to ask who sang that last song are long gone. Just google it.

There is a generational gap, to be sure. It would never occur to a teen or even a twenty-something who has never known life without the internet to go to a library to look up pictures in a book. It just got me thinking about how “normal” for me isn’t necessarily “normal” for someone else. Not everyone has a computer, or a smart phone, or the mentality that the library is an archaic source of information when it comes to checking day-to-day information such as, say, a picture of a dog breed. Just because we’ve been living online for 20+ years doesn’t mean everyone has been living their lives behind a screen. Maybe we should go to the library and look up things in paper books! But it’s so much easier to google…

For the record, when I got Izzie into the exam room, I googled affenpincer on my phone. She’s not.