I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t love summer. Even full-time working parents seem to get away for boating, hiking, beaching adventures, relishing in the long sun-filled days. Weekends are spent basking in the poolside sun, and frolicking barefoot in manicured backyard lawns.

I am not one of these summer lovers. Don’t get me wrong–I like the warm sun on my skin. I like puttering in my garden, dangling my feet in the pool, and the freedom of forgetting which day of the week it is when not fully employed. However, bored kids = miserable parents. On the rare occasion I get it together to find something for my kids to do, they don’t want to do it. The house is often filled with other people’s bored kids, which leads to epic slime-making-induced messes that I have to clean up. Oh, yes, I make my kids clean up their messes. Inevitably though, they miss a patch of glue on my mixing bowl or glitter on the floor and I have to do it anyway.

Mellow me says let them be kids. Let them make messes and memories. Practical, grown-up me says NO MESSES! NO FUN! NO FRIENDS WHO RAID MY PANTRY! Practical, grown-up me gets online for the daily client follow-up and job search, one ear open for a crash, breaking bowl, or even worse–prolonged silence.

Excuse me while I go hose off the spilled glue from the front porch.

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