Month: February 2017

Paper vs. Plastic

Paper vs. smart phone, really. I like to write things down. I like to have lists. Calendar dates, things to do, tasks, books to read, grocery lists. Though I like to write things down, it doesn’t always have to be on paper. Years ago, I started keeping a grocery list on an app on my phone. Now this app houses a list of books I want to read, gift ideas, things I need to do in the immediate future, and movies I want to see. The last one is empty, since I rarely see movies, but it’s there.

To some people I probably look like crazy texting lady while I grocery shop. In reality, I’m diligently checking items off my list aisle after aisle. Because I’ve been doing this for so long, it has become a way of life. Sometimes I see other people grocery shopping with their list apps, but I feel like more often, I see people with paper lists. I have found an abandoned list in my cart on more than one occasion, and I kind of like that it gives me an insight into someone else’s life. What are they eating? What kind of soap do they buy?

I kind of wonder–is this one more way smart phones disconnect us from the rest of the three-dimensional world, or is it just something to make our lives that much easier?

Super Sunday

I’ve never been great at introductions. I am great at eating though, and that’s my favorite thing about the Superbowl. To some, this day is a national holiday. To me, it’s an excuse to drink beer and eat junk while feeling slightly less guilty than I do on most other days when I drink beer and eat junk.

I know the Patriots are playing the Falcons today…only because I asked Alexa. The Patriots are pretty much always in the Superbowl though, so there’s nothing new and exciting there. I am not into football. I do enjoy the commercials and maybe a little of the halftime show, but to me, the Superbowl is really just a reason to get together with friends and enjoy the aforementioned drinks and junk.

Football fan or not, happy Super Sunday!